Excel Research Management


Excel Research Management Association of India (ERMAI) was structured since 2011 by the great efforts of researchers, academician and Educationists. It was coming in activation form on February 06, 2016. It was inaugurated April 01, 2016 with splendid presence of all the lifetime members, executive members, organizing members of ERMAI and honorable invited guests. It is a member organization of the national level association of research management education.

Excel Research Management Association of India is a connective approach between researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and educationist related to various state level as well as central level universities, industries, business and government. One of the most important functions of ERMAI is to not only create some innovative ideas, thought, opinion and views but also to promote and accelerate the actual knowledge of research and the concerning various streams i.e. Social Science, Life Science and IT in our country INDIA as well as all over the World.